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About Us

Raw-Bee's is a Honey Bee Supply Company born in the backyard of Washington State by a couple of "Want-to-Beekeeper's" who fell hard for the plight of those fuzzy buzzers.  It all started in the late summer of 2013, when we, Erik and Cheryl Robertson, found ourselves forced to pollinate our backyard garden pumpkins by hand.  Where had all the bees gone?  We just couldn't sit around and wait for them to find us any longer, so we found a way to find them.  Something about watching and caring for those honey bees as they did their busy work, sparked a love-hate relationship that we have not been able to shake.  We still don't know it all, but we've learned a substantial amount since then.  In 2019, after returning from a mission trip to Africa, where we were to teach beekeeping as a sustainable income for a small village there, we got another bright idea in that same backyard.  We decided to move the entire operation to a warmer place where we could enjoy a longer season of beekeeping and share some of our knowledge and skills with, that village.  In late June of 2020, we moved to Texas!  From there, with a little hard work and by the grace of God a business blossomed.

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Our Objective

Really it is pretty impossible to keep bees.  Ask 10 Beekeepers any question about honey bees and they will give you 15 different answers.  Beekeepers really just provide a nice place for the bees to live and then just monitor their activity.  Kind of like a scientist, only the bees pretty much tell the scientist what to do most of the time.  Our objective then is to let them do their thing, not disturb them too much, and keep them healthy and safe.  We do our best to protect them from harm and enrich their environment in any way that we can so that they can thrive.

We get a lot of questions about bees and beekeeping, so we want to include education in our mission, which branches out to anyone within the greater Waco, TX community whether residential or commercial.  Bee's do a lot for our agricultural communities, so we go out and educate about how and what we can do as a people to help keep all the pollinators safe and healthy in our environment.

Finally, not everyone has the knowledge, equipment, or ability to keep honey bees in their backyard as we do, so we work to help our pollinators flourish by offering Beekeeping Services.  We supply local Beekeepers with quality products, even local queens, through our store and supply local Residents with golden Texas honey.  Our objective at Raw-Bee's ultimately is to share the utopian world of the honey bee with humanity!

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